Our Story

"I decided to follow my heart, take a leap of faith and here we are..."

A story full of passion, steered by determination, hard work & resilience. It was the strong desire to create beautiful bedrooms for children, that ignited my passion to "create" and led me down the pathway of this adventure. This is my story, one mum who simply gave it a go!
I am so very grateful to all of you who have supported us, loved our products, shown loyalty and in doing so have become part of our Bambini Delights community, sharing in this wonderful journey we are currently on, together.



As one of those "in the shower moments", as all good ideas often do. Being 2017 I was on maternity leave, having recently given birth to my beautiful daughter. I had been up all night feeding, when it dawned on me how ridiculous it was that I was relying on the torch light on my phone to change her nappy and as a result of the poor lighting, ended up stubbing my toe (which always seems to hurt more than it should)!
I hadn't yet purchased a lamp, as I was yet to find a quality one I liked and that suited her nursery decor. So with a sense of frustration by the lack of children's lighting options available at the time, it compelled me to do something about it. That there was my "light bulb moment", if I couldn't find a great light that was both stylish and practical, then I would make my own! 
With my imagination sparked and my creative muscles fully flexed, that afternoon things were in full force. Perhaps it was the sleep deprivation or new mum hormones, however instead of spending the day "sleeping when the baby sleeps" I jumped into the car, sourced myself some materials, as well as some gorgeous fabric and off I went. Numerous hours later, after a great deal of consultaion with google and many "how to" youtube videos, I was feeling determined to teach myself and bring my first piece to life. 
I am by nature a dreamer... quirky, creative, determined and passionate are a few other words that best describe me. Which explains why in that moment, I had my mind set on my little project and there was no turning back. I often reflect on that day, with a sense of pride. I feel proud that despite the numerous attempts, I never gave up! It was alot of hard work, but in the end voila I had created my first ever lamp "Pink Pom Pom Striations". Pictured below, although not the original, this one is quite abit sharper!
If I had experienced a need for this sort of product and there was clearly a gap in the market, surely others would love it as much as I did. So a little project to keep me busy and occupied during that first year of motherhood I had (as if that first year isn't crazy enough!) My free time was spent in the spare room, with a little fire in my belly, it became my place to unleash my creativity, an outlet for doing something for me, bringing with it a sense of balance and excitement.  Hundreds of lamps later, metres upon metres of fabric trialled and tested, hours of tutorials, mistakes made, lessons learnt, processes tweaked and mastered... our little Australian brand "Bambini Delights" was born.
"All your dreams can come true, if you have the courage to pursue them".


After spending over a decade climbing the corporate ladder in a world of finance, navigating corporate politics and working countless hours for someone else. I am proud to say that I have been released from the corporate shackles. I took a leap of faith, which meant leaving a stable, high paying career. It was a risk, but nothing great comes without a risk and in the end, I've created a lifestyle that I choose to live. I have purpose and direction. Each and every day I live with passion for what I've been able to create "all by myself". I have forged my own path and I have dared to dream. Having taken the opportunities to make a impact on so many around me, has led to a new level of fulfillment in my life.
"If you believe in yourself, anything is possible".


Today my days are spent nurturing my two little ones as their mum, they motivate me everyday to "create" and in doing so be the best version of me. From meticulously handcrafting each and every lamp, to designing new and innovative products, to working alongside a wonderful team of artists to create our new designs. I'm very privileged to be supported by and work with many wonderful and inspiring women. For when women support women, amazing things can be achieved
This journey of mine, alongside my motherhood journey (both bringing tremendous growth) have given me a new level of confidence and happiness, in my personal and professional life.  My journey has made me realise the importance of appreciating the small things in life, life is not always perfect but it is what you make it, so finding ways to do what you love whilst celebrating all the successes along the way, no matter how small are so very important.
Reflecting on these past few years, our brand has been so very blessed to have been supported in such a way that has enabled us to come so far. Having grown from the spare room to garage (and hopefully soon warehouse), we've been featured in magazines, on radio, in numerous media releases and next month will be presented with an incredible opportunity to speak in our very first podcast. We've also created our own unique blog page, to offer parents a touch of styling inspiration with the latest editions involving interviews with well known interior stylists from around the country.
"Life is too short, to be anything but happy and unapologetically living the best version of ourselves we can be".




So far Bambini Delights has taken us on an incredible ride, teaching us many lessons along the way. We've seen first hand the importance of having a constant finger on the pulse. To be adaptive, constantly improving processes and building the solid foundations for a family brand that we hope will transcend generations. But most importantly it's taught us the importance of community and giving back to those in need. We've been involved in many charity events during our time and look forward to taking an increasing active role in this space into our future.
Running a successful business in our current climate, has also highlighted the importance of taking a stance on the environmental impact of our actions. As a mother and an entrepreneur with a social conscience, I believe in leaving the planet in a better place for our children.  So at the core of our company's value is a strong focus on sustainability. We continue to source products that support organic production and do not exploit workers. After all it only takes a little effort to make a big difference, to the place we call home.


Our beautiful Australian brand has been built from a love of design and a desire to create unique, quality products for our children. There's nothing more rewarding than being able to create designs that bring a touch of nature into your childrens special spaces. Our product range has already evolved from lamps to matching cushions, blankets, bedding and storage options, enabling a cohesive polished feel to be achieved in our childrens rooms. We look forward to watching our collection continue to expand and be found in more and more boutique stores across the globe. We have many more exciting innovative products currently in the works and we trust that the beautiful quality pieces, we are able to create for your children's treasured spaces, continue to bring joy into your homes and remain cherished for generations to come.
I hope that in sharing my story, I have inspired you to believe. To believe in your dreams and find the courage within, to bring them to fruition.
If you would like to join us on the rest of our journey, you can follow us on our Bambini Delights instagramwhere I'll also keep you up to date with the latest new products, special offers and a peek behind the scenes into our expanding Bambini Delights world.
"Near and far, thankyou again for supporting me and enabling this mum to achieve her dream."

Chrissy x