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Erin Kendal Designs
We're kicking off our first blog in the "Getting To Know You" Series with an interview with Erin Kendal. Erin is one of Australia's lead indie surface pattern designer and well renowned in the industry for her use of warm earthy tones and organic lines. Join us, as she chats all things business, motherhood, design, trends & style with us.
Here at "Bambini Delights" we are strong believers of inspiring and empowering other women to follow their dreams, Since first connecting with Erin, she's been an inspiration to us, having had the confidence to turn her creative hobby into her dream career. Her story is one of passion, creativity and connection. She's lived both sides as designer and maker and has an astounding list of achievements including her collaboration with renowned baby carrier brand 'Boba', with her design now featured as one of their main line designs (as pictured below).
Boba Rainbow Carrier
(Left- Featuring the "Boba" Serenity Rainbow Wrap & Right - Featuring the Teething Lovey's from "Pretty Please Teethers")
.We first fell in love with Erin's designs, when we introduced the Eucalyptus Sprigs & Australian Hearts designs into our "Bambini Delights" handmade childrens lamp & bedroom set collection. However her versatile designs aren't only used across the globe for kids decor and interiors, find them on children's clothing, bows, bibs, bags, wraps, kids swimwear, bed linen, high chairs & wall art just to name a few. So make yourself a cuppa and sit back as we get to know the inspiring Erin Kendal.

Let's start with a little about you - Who is Erin Kendal?

I’m a Sagittarius through and through (honest, independent, social, frank, optimistic, procrastinator, a little fiery at times and of course creative). I’m perpetually tired since becoming a mama in 2016 (who else feels me?) and I’m living on soy lattes.

Where did your creative passion for design work, first stem from?

I have always said my mum — she is an amazing artist (she wouldn’t call herself that) and worked as a traditional sign-writer. But I forget that my dad was also creative! He used to make leather handbags and belts and even dabbled in string art (in the 70s).

How would you describe your style?

Eclectic. Mainly because I feel like I am still developing my true style.

Eclectic Style

Many of our followers are mums with children, who are often designing or decorating their children’s bedrooms. In your opinion what is the “hottest design trend” currently for children’s spaces?

I’ll be honest — I’m not a huge follower of trends. Well, not intentionally. But, I am still seeing (and loving) a lot of nature inspired trends and earth tones (definitely my vibe). Still lots of cane and rattan, and natural fibres. I’ve never been a green person but it’s definitely growing on me and I’m seeing it around a lot more.

Well you know we just adore your Eucalyptus print & Freehand Hearts designs, what is your favourite design piece and why?

Thank you! Well, I have to say my new eucalyptus! I’ve created it in deeper, more sophisticated greens that are becoming more popular right now. I think it transitions well between all rooms in the home. And I can’t forget to mention my cute little Christmas collection — they were fun prints to create and in line with my other freehand designs (like the hearts you like) :)

What most inspires you and how do you bring this into your designs?

I think like every creative, we are inspired by every single thing around us. Our family, nature and even current events. This year has been exceptional as we know! I’ve created a lot of stuff this year to help myself process all the emotion I’ve been feeling. I started out by creating personalised prints to raise money for koalas affected by the devastating Australian bushfires and rounded that out recently (while in isolation) with a whole Australiana themed collection. This month I created another print in response to the Black Lives Matter movement, to raise money for indigenous health and education here in Australia.

Black lives matter

As a mother, what is your favourite way to unwind at the end of the day?

I don’t unwind… I hop on my computer and work! But — I love it… and often do it with chocolate, ice cream and/or wine!

You’ve had some amazing successes, what does success look like for you and what has been one of your greatest business achievements?

Honestly, I already feel successful. I’ve succeeded in leaving the corporate world and am now ‘creating’ for a living! I still can’t quite believe it… but it’s been 20 years in the making. Overnight success, some might say ;)

For other women starting out in their creative business journey, what would be your top piece of advice?

Focus on what you’re truly passionate about and make decisions that will guide you to that end. Some decisions are made as stepping stones — try not to be in too much of a rush and don’t feel let down if you aren’t as far along as you want to be in your journey. Small, slow steps can turn into a sprint before you even realise it.

Designer Kids Clothing

What’s your favourite part of the design process?

Accidents! I love how I might start out with a concept in my mind and while I’m shifting things around with a design (be it colour, pattern or whatever) some cool things can happen that I wasn’t planning on… and then I’m off in a complete other direction. That’s exciting for me!

What are the values you base your business on?

I value the spirit of collaboration with creative entrepreneurs like yourself. I value creating real and genuine relationships with people who I engage with online — whether you choose my designs or not. Basically, I just try to be a good person in business and in life.

What’s your current “go to” whilst unleashing your creative side - radio/music/podcasts?

Oh gosh, I am in desperate need of new music. I can’t listen to podcasts while working because I either get distracted or get almost lulled to sleep! Sometimes I choose silence… because it’s nice to have quiet time when the kids have gone to bed. Daniel is always working opposite me so we’re always chatting (something I would often get in trouble for in offices — too much chatter! Haha)

Indie Designer Prints

Like many juggling the daily battle of being a mum and running your own business, what’s your top tip to finding balance? 

I’m going to need someone else’s advice on this! Right now, I am working every chance I get — partly because I love it. I’m also lucky enough to have Daniel home to look after the kids (which they love!!) I would not be doing this if it wasn’t for Daniel and also my parents who look after the kids on Friday’s so we can work together.

With an eye for detail and colour, what is your prediction of the next “trendy colour palette” to take off in the interiors space?


What can we expect to see from “Erin Kendal” for the rest of 2020?

Well, I think that will depend what else 2020 us gong to throw at us! BUT — we have bought a little caravan that we plan to remodel… so stay tuned for that.

Green Wallpaper

Witty, hard working, passionate, creative & so very talented - what a pleasure it's been to take a step into the world behind the gorgeous textiles of designer Erin Kendal & learn of what truly lies behind her stunning designs.

If you'd like to see one of her stunning designs added to our collection, please let us know. Otherwise if you'd like to work with Erin, you can contact her online through;

Website - www.erinkendal.com

Instagram - www.instagram.com/erin__kendal

Email - erin@erinkendal.com

*Credit - front cover image of "The Pink Dream" captured by KM Design Co