Frequently Asked Styling Questions

At Bambini Delights, we know how tricky it can be in designing that room of your dreams for your little ones. Which is why we have recently introduced our "Styling Service", with an aim to make the experience as simple, easy and enjoyable as possible!

We have an on-hand interior styling team, to assist with all of your children's bedroom decorating queries. Our Styling Service is free and so easy to use. Simply fill in the form here and we will be in touch within 48 hours with all the guidance you need, to help you on your way.


Since offering this service, we have received so many wonderful enquiries. Being able to help guide you, by sharing our knowledge and being part of your journey is all to fulfilling.

We have collated a list of "Frequently Asked Styling Questions", which we hope will offer a starting point for all your childrens bedroom decorating and design queries. We will be adding to this regularly, so do check back. You never know we may even turn it into our own podcast, one of these days - stay tuned for more!


I'm due to have my baby girl shortly and so starting to plan her nursery. Where should I start?

A great place to start is in finding inspiration, by collecting images online or in magazines that you are drawn to. Take note of colour palettes, themes, room layouts & style of furniture. Searching "girls nursery" on pinterest or via tags in instagram, offer such a variety of imagery to spark one's imagination.

A key consideration to also start with, is the "purpose" of the room, which will be helpful in planning for the right furniture and layout. Will you have a separate playroom, that the nursery will be used for feeding, changing, soothing & reading. Or will it also be a playspace, whereby you'll need to create a nook for play, as well as suitable storage for books and toys.


I'm currently re-decorating my toddlers room & it's quite a small space. What can I do to make it feel larger?

A few options here:

- Uniform your paint scheme - paint the walls, the same colour as your skirting boards and ceiling. Visually it will remove the tension line, creating the illusion of more space

- Scale (go big) - a large rug or print, will stretch the eye

- Full Drapery - all the way to the ceiling, will stretch the height of the room


I'd like to create a themed room for my daughter, but unsure as to the best way to go about it. What would be your suggestion here?

To keep the foundations neutral and add your theme through elements that can be easily changed, as your little one moves onto their next chapter, or next theme.

You can easily execute a fun theme through adding colourful prints, decals, cushions and a sweet bedspread.


How would you store/display artwork in a kid’s room?

I've actually setup a display wall in their rooms (you know that awkward wall behind the door) with a few framed pieces of their artwork. Being framed, it ensures it doesn't get ruined and is easily cleaned. Every few months we change them up with their latest pieces.

I love how it encourages creativity and gives them a sense of pride to see their artwork decorating their space.

You could also incorporate a cork or blackboard wall in a similar style.


What are your biggest tips for decorating a beautiful childrens space with that wow factor, in a rental home?

You don't have to wait to own a home to make it beautiful. It's such a great opportunity to build your collection, so that when you do move into your own home you have gorgeous pieces to bring along with you.

1 - A nice big rug - these can have such an impact on the vibe of a space. Make sure it's big to fill the room, which will also stretch the eye and make it feel larger. You'll find the teal carpet instantly disappears, as there's far more interesting things to look at.

2 - Drapery / Sheers - that extend well past the window and are on a rod. They'll add a layer of softness to the space, hide the view outside or the dull blinds behind. Best of all they can be easily removed and taken with you, whilst adding the finishing touches to the space.

3 - Artwork - these days there is so much variety in ways you can introduce artwork into your spaces. A gorgeous big print can be easily hung with removable command strips, or decals which can be removed and re-used time and time again with no damage to your walls.

4 - Lighting -  often in rentals the lighting offered is rather poor quality. Never underestimate the importance lighting plays in setting the mood of a space. You could try changing the bulbs to a warm soft light,  investing in a beautiful lamp not only to create a visual masterpiece, but also to produce your desired vibe for the space and forming part of your collection to bring with you when you move.


My kids rooms are always an absolute mess, what are your best strategies for maintaining an organised space? 

First up take some time to assess the space and consider what it's used for? Is it a space for arts crafts, toys, reading and sleeping.

Following on assign every drawer / cupboard / basket a job (for example this blue tub is for arts and craft supplies). By giving every drawer a purpose, you'll be more likely to put it back because everything has a home. It'll also be simpler to get the children involved in the clean up process because it's easy and straightforward, as everyone knows where each item lives.


I'm wanting to design a nursery that is as special for mum, as it is for baby. How would you achieve this?

Great question! By paying attention to the little things and relishing in the details. It's often the small luxuries that mean the most. Having the room smell precious (perhaps a lavender diffuser), introducing soft textures like a sheepskin rug, for your tired feet, a small bowl on the dresser to leave your jewellery before its lather time. A beautiful lamp with dim lighting to create a warm atmosphere for those overnight cuddles, a gorgeous print for you to admire whilst feeding. The plush cushions ensuring your comfortable and the sentimental handmade knitted blankets bringing all the fuzzies.

It's these touches that make it a space you enjoy to be in, feel comforted and make the task of raising your bundle of joy truly enjoyable and special.


We hope you enjoyed our FAQ's and have bookmarked this page as a resource for when it comes time to decorate or re-decorate your little one's special spaces.

Don't forget if you have a specific question, we would love to help. Complete the form here and we'll be in touch to guide you in designing the most amazing space for your little ones.

Chrissy x


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