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Unique to our collection is the gorgeous handmade Australian childrens themed lamps, which feature eucalyptus leaves, climbing koalas and Australian wildlife in hues of green, brown and yellow. Be inspired to bring a little of nature into your bambini's rooms.
Many Australians are now supporting our talented artists, designers and manufacturers by buying Australian made products. We want our children to be proud of their Australian heritage and what a great way to cultivate this pride than to decorate their rooms with Australian designs. 
We recently teamed up with Belinda from Bella Interiors 23. Belinda is a well respected interior designer with an online home decorating service. Her business philosophy stems from the desire to create a simple stress-free service that is affordable. She creates functional and exciting spaces in which to live, ensuring that 'you can have style on any budget'.
Belinda has put together an ‘Australian themed mood board', providing inspiration for stunning nursery rooms. 
We asked Belinda, a few questions to help us further understand why “Modern Australiana” is now featuring in our homes, bringing with it beauty, uniqueness and a sense of enchantment.
 Featuring wall decals from 'Blond Noir', art prints from 'Elyse Howlett' and of course our stunning Eucalyptus lamp to compliment the theme.
Qn – What is it about the ‘Modern Australiana’ theme that you think parents are feeling most connected with & inspired by when decorating their little ones rooms?
Belinda: I think it in nostalgia, in the past few years Aussie décor was dagging, but this modern take on the Australian theme takes us back to a love of Aussie icons like May Gibbs, Snuggle Pot and Cuddle Pie.  The use of flowering gum nuts, wattle and Flora and Fauna from our gorgeous country. 
Modern Australian adapts easily from a neutral nursery to a big kids room that reflects their gender. It provides for timeless interiors.
Qn - What key features do you look for as an interior decorator when putting together one of your Australian themed concept boards?
Belinda: I always start with my HERO piece, the item that inspires the scheme and I draw from this.  Whether it is the fabric, an art print or wall paper this is where the colour scheme and theme is drawn from.
Qn – For anyone inspired by your concept & looking to recreate this in their space, what are your top 3 tips to best create the Australian theme in their kids rooms?
- Find the Hero of the room;
- Use this to draw the colour them;
- Repetition - repeat the key components of the room to reinforce the palette / theme for example by dotting the same motif or colour around the room.
We share another mood board, from Bella Interiors 23. This provides another concept of Belinda's creativity, behind the 'Modern Australian' theme.
 Featuring wall decals from 'Blond Noir', art prints from 'Elyse Howlett' and of course our stunning Rustic lamp to compliment the theme.
We also had the privilege of speaking with two of the above talented artists featured in Belinda’s concept boards, about their feature pieces;
Elyse from Elyse Howlett, Elyse is a talented artist and mum from Wollongong. Having grown up with a paint brush in hand, she has found her passion for adding magic into kid’s spaces. Through her magical fine art prints and decals, she creates dreamy pieces which stimulate the imagination of little eyes.
Elisa from Blond + Noir is a life long interior addict and art lover. With a background in all things creative, her mission is to create beautiful, stylish and modern art pieces to complement the interior design of any home. Reusable wall decals, wallpapers & kids art prints everything is made in house from scratch.
 Qn – As an artist, what led you to start creating these stunning Australian themed pieces of art for our children’s room?
Elyse: I've always had Australian animals as part of my artworks and it just felt natural to extend on this and showcase the beautiful wildlife Australia has to offer. The best part of art is that you can have a beautiful piece of decor for your kid's room but you can also use it as an educational piece too. My 2 year old son said 'koala' for the first time last month after we've been looking at my Hope Koala prints, how cool is that!
Elisa: I am Australian! And proud to be. When I first created my Australian pieces I really felt there was a gap in the market as I couldn’t find any Australian pieces for my own kids that were colour focused and modern.
Qn – What message are you hoping to inspire for those looking to create an Australian themed nursery/room?
Elyse: I hope that we can encourage kids to get excited about Australian animals in general and use it as an opportunity to educate kids about helping to do our part to protect these beautiful habitats that these animals live in. 
I also hope to show that decorating can be easy, as my Australiana art has chosen your colour palette for you!  By choosing a colour from my artwork you can include this in movable pieces to add colour accents to your room, blankets, pillows, bedding, or even smaller complimentary decor pieces.
Elisa: I guess everything with me is about colour. Because colour is fun and ignites creative little minds. So I guess my message is really just to embrace fun in every design you do!!
Finally we leave you with more real life examples of an Australian themed nursery
(Image credit featured throughout this blog @Melwyse (instagram))
Through our instagram connections, we’ve found our very own Australian stylish mumma, who has decorated her son’s ‘Australian themed’ room just beautifully. Melinda from @melwyse has put together a stunning collection of Australian themed items, sourced from local Australian business’ to bring together her son Noah’s beautiful nursery space. We just love it! We leave you with these images for some additional inspiration to complete our Australian themed interior decorator concept boards and artists take on this trend.
Thankyou all for stopping by. We hope you have sought some Modern Australian inspiration from these very talented ladies and enjoyed being immersed in our rich Australian culture, wildlife and environment.
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