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Newborn Announcement Gift Boxes
Newborn Announcement Gift Boxes
Newborn Announcement Gift Boxes
Newborn Announcement Gift Boxes
Newborn Announcement Gift Boxes

Newborn Announcement Gift Boxes

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These Newborn Announcement Gift Boxes feature a personalised letter & wooden announcement plaque.

Our individual letters are a fabulous way to personalise a child's bedroom, playroom or nursery.

Hang them on the wall or door, stand them on a shelfie / dresser / or side table - they make for a beautiful addition adding the finishing touches to your child's special space.

All letters are hand made to order and come with a coordinated ribbon, personalised tag and are ready to hang. Most letters are freestanding, with the exception of F,J & P.

They stand tall at 21.5cm in height and approximately 2.5cm in depth.

Our wooden plaques are 15cm high & come in the shape of a love heart. They add a unique and heartwarming touch to your little ones newborn announcement. As a sign of new beginnings, they have been thoughtfully designed, featuring the "four leaf clover", to symbolise 'Faith, Hope, Love & Luck' for your little one's precious start to life.

Unlike other announcement plaques, these practical wooden pieces come with a tied string to hang on your wall, shelf or bedroom drawers, making for a sweet piece of decor. Bringing with it those joyful feelings from that special day, to be treasured for a lifetime.

These handmade pieces come beautifully presented in soft tissue paper and make for a special addition to your little one's heirloom box.

This listing is for our signature blossom pink linen fabric. To complete your look, please enquire about our matching cushions and lampshades. They also come in a variety of fabrics to choose from.

Choose from plaque:
1 - How wonderful life is now that you're in the world
2 - Our tiny miracle
3 - We made a wish and you came true are so excited to release our brand new "Ceramic White" lamp base to our collection. This will accompany our selection of beautifully handmade lamp shades.
These are due to be released at the end of July, so stay tuned for more & sign up to our newsletter to get yourself a VIP code upon release!

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